Great Bromley & District Cricket Club Evening League squad

Evening League

Captain : Elliot Mann

Despite leaving for Elmstead in 2018, Elliot spends as much time at our club. Firstly he is still in love with Gt Bromley, has most of his mates here and because he gets out early most weeks he can always watch the end of our games. We will order your shirt for 2021 El.
Charlie Allam

Multi sportsman Charlie has recently taken up boxing but insists on punching way above his weight!

with regards to his cricket, Charlie has now given up on wicketkeeping..and fielding.. and bowling..



Pip Allam
The Chairman is an infrequent palyer these days preffering to watch his boys play or do up a barn or go on holiday or... It's a shame really but at least the new changing rooms are safe from his flying bat.
Conrad Baker
All rounder Conrad plays 5 or 6 times a season to remind of of his ability and then buggers off again!
James Bees

James 'Beesy' Bees was our star player of 2019 with 759 runs and 26 wickets.

Beesy has a big heart and a big appetite but lives mainly on pizza which is a shame because he serves up some lovely pies most Saturdays.

Adam Bird
Gorgeous Adam, as he calls himself is a flambouyant batsman for the 2 or 3 overs he normally survives. This Pringle loving lad is a decent bowler too when he sets his mind to it and he is also the team comedian. Never leave your phone unattended!
Adam Cuthbert
1st XI Captain Adam successfully gained promotion from Division 6 at the last time of asking after 4 forlorn years under the previous captain. Adam is the 'go to' man at GBDCC. You go to him if you are looking for someone to take the p**s out of. Still bats like he's 74 years old.
Tom Dodd
Sunday XI skipper Tom had a great 2019, winning the Sunday league and leading from the front. Tom scored over 100 runs in a season for the first time, in-fact he hadn't scored 100 runs in all previous seasons combined! It was great to see Tom bowling again last year and he now is proudly the slowest spin bowler in the club if not the world?
Ed Fairley

Big 'Ed' is a changed man in 2020, or so he tells us which is good because the pram and the toys can now be removed from the outfield!

Ed is a fine all-round cricketer but still nowhere near as good as he thinks he is.

Samuel Grainger
Sam is losing his hair quicker than he swings his bat, which is saying something. Sam loves a gym which is great for showing off his guns when sunbathing after getting out.
Tom Higgins
Tom is still ducking cricket just like his player profile but he'll be back and we all know it.
Nick Holyman
Former skipper Nick is now a virtual spectator at most games not needed for either bowling or batting but his wife makes nice teas so he's worth tolerating.
Ankush Jagota
Kush has taken over as the nicest bloke at the club, so nice I'm going to find it hard to rib him. Even his family are all nice. Ankush walks and runs like a drunk giraffe but that's all i've got!
Richard Lawson
Richard is as useful off the pitch as on it. His incredible hard work over the winter of 14/15 has seen the club transformed into a modern facility. Ok no-one is now alowed to sit down or take kit into the changing rooms but it looks lovely anyway! Richard is an elegant left handed batsman who loves a straight drive, usually aerial. He is a speciallist slip fielder too and never gets flustered... unless there's a football mark on his walls!
Bradley Mann


Harvey Robinson
Little Harv is a great addition to the adult sides over the last season or 2 and his Mum makes great teas but that has nothing to do with his selection, nothing at all!
Codie Simpson

Codie is high on life! no illegal substances whatsoever.

Codie is a fighter too, mainly with his brother.

Ross Soteriou

Ross is a real character or am I thinking of someone else?

Ross plays for Elmstead now

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