Great Bromley and District Cricket Club Saturday 1st XI squad

Currently play in Division 6 of the Two Counties League.
Saturday 1st XI

Captain : Nick Holyman

Nick Who?

Achievements - Relegation 2017.

Vice Captain : Adam Cuthbert

1st XI Vice-Captain Adam is a mainstay of the club, playing Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays and any other day there is Cricket on. Despite this his run rate has never risen past the 'dull' setting, batsman at the other end run themselves out in order to not have to watch him! Never-the-less he is a much loved figure and is very good at collecting match fees. Loves a Cruise! Always been very jealous of Elliot Mann and he is his idol, but he can't help that.
Charlie Allam
This fop haired lad is the son of the Chairman so plays whenever he's available! He has bags of potential and if he cuts out the 'No balls' he will turn into a very useful bowler. Can give the ball a tonk too. If a mirror does ever get fitted in the changing room, Charlie will be the primary user.
Beth Dodd
Another of the Bromley girls to have been selected to play at Essex, Beth hasn't been able to get many games at home this year. Someone tells me she's a batsman now? who'd have thought? Like her brother Tom, she eats, sleeps and dreams of Cricket and has bags of talent and enthusiasm. Always polite too!
Tom Dodd

'The Fringe' as he loves to be called is always at the club. I think he might live there? Another of the conveyor belt of young talent that Pip and co have nurtured, Tom is an accurate seam bowler. He's a very good scorer too, he gets that from his Mum.

Favourite Cricketer: James Anderson

Bradley Mann

Bradley (High Tower) Mann is the complete opposite of his brother, who's name escapes me,Brad is a modest, faithful and pleasant human being who can generate a fair pace when bowling but watch out for that (not obvious at all) slower ball

Favourite Cricketer: Stuart Broad

Cricketer Most Rese: Ben Stokes

Olly Wright
Son of Colts manager and club legend Did, he is right handed but unsure if he is a bowler/batsman or batsman/bowler or maybe wicketkeeper? one thing he isnt is a fielder! He possess a sharp wit but missed the majority of the 2012 season due to commitments in his bedroom.
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