Great Bromley & District cricket club was formed in 1920. The ground, which is situated behind the village hall, is widely regarded as a beautiful place to play cricket.

    Apart from the present crop of stars that can be seen at Great Bromley, it was reported that Douglas Jardine and Ken Farnes both played at here during the war.

North Essex League History

Joined the league in 1988 22 seasons, 9 seasons in Division One

Highest Position in the league 6th in Division One (2009)

Second Team joined the league 1997-1998 2 seasons

Highest Position in the league 7th in Division Five (1998)


Second Division Champions (1) 2001

Second Division Runners Up (2) 2005, 2007

Third Division Runners Up (1) 1993

Fourth Division Champions (1) 1991

Fifth Division Runners Up (1) 1989

Individual Honours


F Eadie Fourth Division 1991


First team

Highest Total for 383-5 v. Great Totham 12-6-2005

Highest Total agst 348-2 by Galleywood 14-8-2005

Lowest Total for 31 v. Copford 27-9-2008

Lowest Total agst 49 by Great Bentley 2nd 21-7-1991

Second team

Highest Total for 320-6 v. Pirates 20-7-1997

Highest Total agst 307-8 by Kirby 2nd 23-8-1997

Lowest Total for 32 v. Colneside 27-9-1998

Lowest Total agst 48 by Kelvedon & Feering 2nd Join

                Pld        Won        Lost        Tied

1st XI       396        206         189            1

2nd XI       32         13            19            0

Two Counties League History

Joined the league in 2005 6 seasons

Highest Position in the league 1st in Division Six (2009)


Sixth Division Champions (1) 2009

Individual Honours


Craig Perrin Divison Six 2009 (1159 runs)


Highest Total for 383-3 v Braintree II 22-8-2009

Highest Total agst - by  --

Lowest Total for  v--

Lowest Total agst  by --

                Pld        Won        Lost        Tied